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DoubleSunnah beard oil & balm
Our History

We are established since 2011 and based in West Yorkshire in England. We initially developed the product for our personal use. The ingredients were selected according to our requirements. We wanted to produce a product that was so natural it could be eaten. Our goal was to blend natural ingredients that would result in a product that would hydrate, moisturise, straighten, control and fragrance our bushy beards. The composition of oils changes when they are processed thus we developed a blending process that retains the goodness of the oils. After a period of research and development, we had a product that fulfilled our criteria and it remained as a stable soft buttery waxy composition at low to warm temperatures.  It worked brilliantly and our friends began commenting on our beautiful beards and were enquiring as to where they could source the product, and that was when we stepped up production and entered the commercial market. 

Today there are copies of our product, and our product has been rebranded and sold by others, however, the original product is Double Sunnah. Since 2011 we have been manufacturing our product by hand. The production process and the composition recipes are a well-guarded secret.

The range

2011 - We began with a single fragrance beard balm: all-natural ingredients fragranced with vanilla oil and musk.

2012 - We introduced a variety of natural fragrances into the beard balm: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cambodian Oudh, Hindi Oudh.

2013 - Our customers requested additional fragrances: Moroccan Dust, Musk al Ka’bah, White Musk, Hajar al Aswad, Egyptian musk and Amber musk.

2015 - We introduced designer fragrances: Sensation, Ambition and Felicity. In the same year, we also developed and introduced a fragranced beard oil range housed in a plastic spray mist dispensing bottle.

2016 - We added new fragrances Tuscan leather and Oudh wood to our range.

2017 - We replaced the plastic bottles with glass pipette bottles.

2018 - We added a selection of different combs and other accessories to our stock .


Why Our Products?

All our products have been authentically handcrafted in England since 2011. Their essence is beautifully vintage at its best. We are dedicated family crafters, working tirelessly to deliver products well known today in the male grooming market for their distinctive scents and excellent texture. Our unique range of beard products will remain to be handmade as we continually strive harder to produce unique products with wonderful scents in response to our customer’s requirements.

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